Embodying our authentic selves at home and at work is key not only for our personal well-being but also for the well-being of the planet.

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My intention for this website is to offer you as much authenticity as I can manage to publish online. This isn’t always easy, and it takes a lot of courage. I use my writing to describe inner states and life circumstances that are often difficult for people to articulate. My hope is that by transparently sharing my journey, I will inspire others to present themselves more authentically in the world.

The majority of my professional work involves teaching and doing research in the field of positive psychology, which emphasizes the development of human strength and potential. I received my PhD in psychology from the University of Western Ontario, Canada.

I’ve worked in the corporate world and in academia, and I've also spent several years as an entrepreneur. From 2013 to 2015 I was a postdoctoral research fellow at Harvard Medical School, where I studied the effects of yoga in school settings.

I currently live in Prague, where I'm teaching an undergraduate positive psychology course at the University of New York in Prague and continuing to study yoga and mindfulness for youth.

But there's a lot more to my journey than this simple bio.

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