Bethany Butzer, Ph.D. 

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Quotes I just wanted to tell you again how great the session was last night on Creating a Life You Love. I really think I'm on to something and you opened that up in me. Through the whole session I was thinking of objections as to why I couldn't do what I want to do and then you'd call them out - it was eerie! The exercises you had us do were great. The way you structured them was so smart - and effective. Thanks again so much - You are a true inspiration. Quotes
A. K.
Creating a Life You Love Workshop Participant

Quotes Thank-you for offering your Creating a Life You Love workshop. As you were speaking last night I was experiencing small moments of something, I couldn't put my finger on what it was. When I got home my boyfriend told me that before the workshop he felt I had reached a point where he could see I was drifting, he said the joy was gone from my eyes and that it seemed as though I was just going through the motions every day, but that last night when I got home he could see it again. I actually kept him awake talking about all the things I loved and wanted in my life until about 2am! This morning I already started taking steps to live in line with my values. So, thank you again. The things you said last night were simple, but so profound for anyone truly listening with their heart. Quotes
N. G.
Creating a Life You Love Workshop Participant

Quotes Love love love your yoga for anxiety and stress class! Can't wait for next class. Quotes
S. W.
Yoga Student

Quotes I learned so much from you at your Wellness Retreat Day. I have been passing along a lot of the things I learned from your workshop to friends and people in need of more happiness. It is such an interesting, eye opening concept to put yourself and your needs first always. You are an inspiring woman, and I admire so much your ability to be committed to happiness. Quotes
V. H.
Wellness Retreat Day Participant

Quotes I first noticed Bethany's talents by her ability to understand complex and interrelating concepts and then apply these concepts to enhance her research deliverables. She has been consistently excellent in her research preparation, as demonstrated through her organization, quick thinking and demand from other research associates to work with her. Bethany displays an ability to think on her feet, work extremely well in team and individual settings and enriches the experience of her co-workers through her willingness to go above and beyond. Her academic background and ability to manage projects and other researchers, further compliments her abilities in the research setting. Quotes
Marsha Watson, M.I.B.
Research Manager, Info-Tech Research Group

Quotes When I recently needed to hire someone to help me coordinate a national study on yoga and mental health, I did not hesitate for an instant. I called Bethany right away! She had impressed me with her very informed and efficient approach to data analysis on a study that we worked on together a year ago. She came in on the project at the latter stages but quickly got herself up to speed and turned out a polished manuscript that the group was able to submit in a very timely manner. An open-hearted person and a pleasure to work with, Bethany is a competent and versatile researcher and I am pleased to call her a colleague and co-author! Quotes
Stephanie M. Shorter, Ph.D.
Director of Research and Publications

Quotes I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your wellness day yesterday. It was so relaxing and the Thai massage was a wonderful experience (my first time having it). You three made this such a beautiful day! I hope you offer it again. Quotes
T. J.
Wellness Retreat Day Participant

Quotes I would like to say thank you for the Wellness day yesterday. The treatment with Beth McLellan was amazing. You three are truly inspirational. I am beside myself with the experience that I practiced yesterday. I am ecstatic yet comforted for coming across you all at a very difficult time in my life and I am grateful for that!! You bring calmness, light and peace to many and I admire your dedication and passion. Thank you! Quotes
L. L.
Wellness Retreat Day Participant

Quotes I truly enjoyed your book, The Antidepressant Antidote, and will recommend it to my friends and doctors. The first prescription a GP should write is to read your book. Your 5 steps could work just as effectively at keeping people off the drugs in the first place. Quotes
G. G.

Quotes I learned of Bethany's Yoga Class in what was one of the most anxiety-filled times in my life. I was recovering from breast cancer, my partner had health issues, and my mother was about to be transferred into longterm care after a 4 month hospitalization. Her calm, soothing approach brought a little sanity to my life, and helped me to get through every day. I used her tips and affirmations whenever I would feel stressed, and they inevitably calmed me. I am thankful that she came into my life at this time. Vel Quotes
Vel Patzer
Yoga Client