Bethany Butzer, Ph.D. 

Author | Speaker | Researcher | Yoga Teacher


Quotes I just completed your 21-Day Stress-Less Program and loved it! Very informative and applicable to reducing your stress and taking charge of your life. Remember to take time for you every day. Thank you Bethany....looking forward to many more opportunities to learn from you. Quotes
R. B.

Quotes The Antidepressant Antidote is a welcome solution to a North American Epidemic. Instead of masking depression with drugs, Bethany Butzer offers a way of addressing the core issues. She writes with compassion and a deep understanding that comes with having faced depression and emerged a richer and more aware human as a result of her journey. You will appreciate how relate-able and soothing the book is to read. It is packed full of hope, integrity and empowerment. Quotes
Julie Daniluk
RHN, Nutritionist and author of Meals That Heal Inflammation

Quotes Overall I really think I got a lot from your Stress-Less program. Thanks very much Bethany for all the information and for putting a course like this together. The fact that you keep it so affordable removes that excuse for not participating. And it is well worth much more. Your sincerity and compassion for people comes through with your messages. Quotes
R. P.

Quotes I loved your 21 day stress less program! I liked that each day was different (i.e. meditation one day, guest speakers another, etc.). I looked forward to it each day even with my mixed up schedule of shift work. I learned a lot to use in my daily life to help reduce the stress. I carry the affirmations with me and read them as often as I can. I loved the meditations. It was a really great program and I would definitely recommend it to friends. Thank you for creating this amazing program. Quotes
E. P.

Quotes Your 21-Day Stress-Less program really exceeded my expectations. The quality and diversity of the material was incredible! Identifying specific stresses and taking action really helped me deal with the typical feelings of hopelessness and overwhelm that usually accompany chronic stress. The info is presented in a very manageable and easy to understand format, and the variety of presentation methods keeps it interesting. It can be completed in a reasonable amount of time and the cost is VERY AFFORDABLE. Quotes
J. S.

Quotes Bethany, your Creating a Life You Love Course was thought provoking and challenging. Thank you for allowing me to explore my inner spirit again. 
I have been trying for three years to teach abroad, and I'm happy to say that two weeks after attending an info session, the principal from the school called and offered me a position! I have accepted and will be teaching English, world religion and Philosophy in Italy for 6 months, starting in January! My dream came true! Because of Bethany's course, her questions, her classes etc. I was able to put it out to the universe and grab it tightly once it presented itself to me! I am beyond excited and often have to pinch myself to believe it! I feel a sense of joy and peace. Why would I want to leave now? What convinced me was asking the question...WHY NOT? 

I'm jumping forward with my eyes closed...and I have a feeling I'm going to land on my feet! Bethany, THANK YOU! Quotes
Creating A Life You Love Course Participant

Quotes Bethany, I want to thank you for writing your book, as I realize it was likely very difficult for you to not only confront these feelings, but to share them with the world. Your experiences are familiar, and I believe anyone suffering from anxiety or depression will be able to relate to your story. I was certainly able to. Your book will help thousands of people. It is a great tool for anyone seriously looking to combat the antidepressant epidemic. I found it to be loaded with an arsenal of resources that will be able to get anyone on the right track. I really enjoyed your book, and will recommend it to anyone who I feel could benefit from it. Quotes
N. M.

Quotes Loved being in Bethany's Yoga for Anxiety class.. she taught me how to bring my practice off my mat and into my life! Thank you so much for all your insight and for providing us with tools and resources to draw on.. sometimes life gets to be too much... just breathe!!! Thanks again, and please please please have a fall class... Quotes
Yoga for Anxiety & Stress Student

Quotes I have been trying to overcome an illness which has caused me much anxiety and stress. After the second lesson with your class, I was on my way home from Yoga and suddenly for a short period of time, I felt like my old self again. I could not believe it. I have confidence that if I persevere with your classes that in time, I will once again feel strong and healthy. Quotes
L. A.
Yoga for Anxiety & Stress Student

Quotes I just wanted to say thank-you for the Stress Management workshop tonight. I was able to take away a lot of valuable points and am hoping to apply them to my everyday life. I found your presentation very engaging and was able to relate to many of the things you said. I am going to try and put myself first more often and do what is best for me and my health. Quotes
S. S.
Stress Management Workshop Participant
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